Strmol Manor

The Strmol castle complex is located to the northwest and above the town of Rogatec. It was first mentioned in 1436 when the Counts of Celje bequeathed a keep near Rogatec to Jakob of Strmol from Gorenjska. In the 16th century, another tower or an entire wing was added to the original keep, and the entire structure was fortified with a defence wall and turrets.

The rebuilt structure had a T-shaped layout and lost its original role as a fortification. In the late 17th century, the turrets were pulled down and the defence walls replaced with a low stone fence. The height of the original keep was adjusted to the rest of the building. Next to the complex, a small two-storey building with an inner courtyard was constructed, which in the 19th and the early 20th century housed the district court, as is still evident from the prison that is preserved in the basement. The castle was surrounded with a beautiful English-style park featuring a walled-in spring.

The park has not survived. After the Second World War the castle was turned into apartments.