Between Boč and Macelj mountain lies Donačka mountain  (882 m), which got her name after the church st. Donat (511 m), origin from 18. century, lying on the sunny side of the mountain. Donačka mountain is unique on her steep, cone shape and location on the east border of Alpine world.

Her specialty is variety of vegetation. On the rocky walls, on sunny side of mountain, is location of “juvanov netresk”,endemit.


Remarkableness represents natural resort (27 ha), secured as primeval forest since 1965.

”Štajerski Triglav”, as we named beautiful Donačka mountain, attracts more and more tourists, nature admirers.

Well marked and nice hiking paths, enable relaxing walk through the forest, with observation of interesting botanic.


The view from the top of the mountain goes to Sljeme (CRO), Graz (A), “Blatno jezero”, Savinjska and Julijaska mountain, Pohorje and Peca.