Religious heritage

The Archparish Church of St Bartholomew (1738-1743) is one of the most exquisite Baroque sacral objects in Slovenia. Today, its interior is adorned by frescoes by Jožef Ferdinand Fromiller (illusionistic ceiling painting) and altarpieces by Valentin Metzinger and Anton Lerchinger. The altar and pulpit are the work of Jožef Straub and Mersi.

The Succursal Church of St Hyacinth (1730-1738) stands on a nearby hill, just a shot away from St Bartholomew. It is the only church in Slovenia devoted to this saint. Its hallmarks are its exceptional acoustics, its three Baroque altars with altarpieces by J.F. Fromiller, its pulpit and its restored Janeček organ (1743).

The Succursal Church of St George is the oldest church presented here. Sources first mention it in the 15th century. The church houses a 4-stop organ from the 19th century and a chandelier from the middle of the 19th century.

The Succursal Church of St Donatus (1756-1780) is located in the mountain’s southern foothills. It was built after lightning struck the original church atop Donačka Gora (1741). 59 people on pilgrimage there were killed. The altarpieces of St Donatus and St Isidore are thought to be the work of Anton Lerchinger of Rogaška Slatina.

The Parish Church of St Roch on the Sotla was formerly a succursal of the Rogaška Slatina parish and dates back to 1625. The church has a handmade wood chandelier, and with its simplicity, it creates a warm, homely ambience.

The cross on Donačka Gora stands on Donačka Gora’s central and highest peak (883 m). The first cross was placed there in 1934 to mark the 1900th anniversary of the death of Christ. Sadly it was removed in 1952. The idea of re-erecting the cross was finally fulfilled in 1991 and 1992, following Slovene independence.