Sport park Rogatec

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Sport park Rogatec

The Rogatec gym was built in 2009 in accordance with the standards required for the organization of the biggest competitions. Surface of 1,800 m2, 900 seats in the stands. Sports facility comprises a large hall and a smaller hall for different activities, such as dance, aerobics and more. The hall is decorated and includes a climbing wall. The hall is a multipurpose sports field covered with artificial grass and two lighted tennis courts. The hall currently hosts the following programs: school physical education, sport practice and competitions in indoor football, basketball, volleyball and handball, sports recreation, cultural and entertainment events.

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The Rogatec gym
Ptujska cesta 30A
3252 Rogatec
Phone: +386 (0)3 582 71 25
GSM: +386 (0)40 373 000
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