Discover Rogatec

Rogatec Trg – shot from the Burger bell tower
Open-air museum Rogatec in the background Donačka gora

Rogatec, sandwiched between Donačka gora and the river Sotla, has always attracted people and also preserved valuable stories written over the millennia by the nature and culture of the locals.

The story of the flourishing medieval square is told by the preserved market center with as many as two churches Styrian baroque, castle ruins from 12. and in 2003 the Renaissance Baroque mansion Strmol from 15. century. Today, the new contents of the Strmol mansion bring back the pulse of life: concerts, social and business meetings, wedding ceremonies, picturesque exhibitions – museum and art, and the varied gastronomic offer of the castle restaurant Strmol. Stories from life between nobles and farmers continue in the Open-Air Museum – the visitor experiences and co-creates them: he helps to knead dough and bake his own bread žuliko , learns the simple steps of an already forgotten folk dance, weaves a bracelet from his face or on a weaving comb and looks under the fingers of a skilled blacksmith. Handicrafts are also on sale in Lodz, a museum shop. The historic Styrian farm of the sub-Pannonian type in the Rogatec Open-Air Museum preserves the folk architectural heritage and cultural tradition of the inhabitants of Obsotelje.

Even today, proud and heartfelt people live here, who, together with visitors, look for answers for the present in our rich tradition of the past.

Welcome to Rogatec!