Rogatec Handicraft Center

Takanje na statve_RC na Dvorecu_foto arhiv zavoda
Takanje na statve_RC na Dvorecu_foto arhiv zavoda


Attend adventure workshops on Saturday, 6. 3. 2021:

Strmol Rogatec manor :

knitting from the face, 10. – 12. hours

Making a bracelet from the face.
Free workshop

CATALOG – Offer of handicraft products

Rogatec Handicraft Center

The west and east wings of the Strmol Manor are home to four professionally equipped handicraft workshops:

Under the permanent program “Let’s taste the heritage” so available to individual unannounced visitors free of charge at least two masters presenting their handicraft technique and products. If you wish, you can also test yourself in manual skills and design and make your own small handicraft product.

April – October
every Sunday, 3 – 5 p.m.

November – March
every Saturday, 10 – 12 h

Equipped workshops are also intended for the implementation of shorter and longer, teaching pedagogical workshops of handicrafts ,, implementation of technical days and handicraft production – development and production of new handicrafts based on the heritage and cultural tradition of Obsotelj and Kozjansko.

In 2014, the Municipality of Rogatec obtained European funds from the title “Development of Regions” for the construction renovation and purposeful arrangement of new premises. In addition to the workshops, there are rooms for two permanent exhibitions in preparation: one will present the history of Rogatec and the development of glassmaking in the Rogaška area, and the other forestry and local technical heritage of stonemasonry – making grinding stones from Ložana quartz sandstone.

The Strmol mansion, with its central part, renovated in the years 1996-2003, thus got its final complete image and full life pulse with a rounded offer of program contents from craft workshops, permanent and occasional exhibitions to experiential and learning programs for youth and adults .

Handicrafts are already on sale in the newly arranged sales gallery or. TIC at Strmol Castle.


Handicraft center Rogatec, Pot k ribniku 3, 3252 Rogatec
Gordana Bilušić, handicraft coordinator
+386 3 810 72 22

Rogatec Handicraft Center


Consortium of handicraft centers of Slovenia

Cross-border project DUO Kunsthandwerk – Handicraft cultural heritage in the cross-border area yesterday, today and tomorrow